Sunday, March 17, 2013


Do you want to know a secret?
A secret is to be kept secret. A secret is to be kept from knowledge or view of others. A secret is by habit discretion. A secret could be for hidden aims or methods. A secret is secluded. A secret is undercover. A secret is made to elude detection. A secret contains information that unauthorized disclosure is forbidden.  A secret is confidential.
So do you want to know a secret? Well once a secret is shared, it is no longer a secret.
 With all the talk on the web sites telling you getting old is no problem, guess what?  The secret is out.
Getting old means you have $40,000.00 a year less to spend. Getting old means the taste of food or even the effort for cooking just isn’t interesting. Getting old means wearing the same t-shirt day-after-day. Getting old means shopping is a chore rather than a thrill. Getting old means thinking twice before starting a project. Getting old means naps are good. Getting old means those little pains are now constant aches. Getting old means you catch the eye of a pretty thing only to look in the mirror and realize the smile is a laugh. Getting old means a late night out ends at 10 PM. Getting old means knowing that air travel or automobiles were rare when your parents were growing up. Getting old is knowing that the essentials we take for granted today were all constructed in our lifetime. Getting old means you realize all those dreams you had in high school didn’t come true. Getting old means… well you are closer to the end than the beginning.
Getting old beat the alternative. So the secret is out. Keep your lips sealed.

PS. Yes, I had one of these. Don’t know how I got it. Probably got it from some uncle who served in the South Seas. Used to hang it on the wall. Never gave a name to it. It just hung there. Maybe gave it away or maybe threw it away when disinterested in it. What a way to go. Oops! There is another secret out.

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TripleG said...

It can be thought of as new challenges -- maybe more difficult ones. And some things along the way always must be lost as we gain new things, but the choices are only sometimes ours. Fortunately, as we age we are less and less unhappy about what we don't have, except for youth, which we misspent anyway!