Sunday, October 27, 2013

10 Places You Need To Go

Just because I’ve promised this, I will continue.
Here are 10 Places You Need To Go

1.   Go To The Hospital
It is an amazing place. Full of people rushing around with tubes and pokey things and straps and machines that beep and blurt, this place is like a city that smells like alcohol. No not that kind of alcohol, rubbing alcohol. You should be born here, but sometimes you don’t make it. If you are sick, this is the place to go because all the people rushing around are suppose to know how to fix you. Note: Beware: If you are not sick, this place should be avoided because this is where all the sick people are.

2.   Go To School
I think there is a rule that you are supposed to go. As a kid, everyone else is going, so just go to school. You get to sit down all day and listen to folks spout wisdom and facts and pertinent information you need to know to get along in the world. Besides that, if you want to get a job other than scraping snow off the street or cleaning out sewers, you need a piece of paper that said you understand enough stuff to be able to communicate with the rest of society.

3.    Go To The Prom
I can only relate stories I’ve heard because I never went to the prom, but it is a rite of passage moment. You get to dress up and apply your social skills with the parents joy. You get to hang out with all your friends on a tacky dance floor under the watchful eyes of chaperones. Nothing is better than sweating in rented clothing while dancing to poorly played music by a local band who is not getting paid enough. The punch and cookies are spiked and at the end of the evening, hotel rooms are reserved. How did I miss that one?

4.   Go To The Library
These are amazing places that are the same, no matter where you go. Libraries are large, quiet buildings that are filled with stacks and stacks of books. Fiction, non-fiction, history, art, and literature of all kinds are available to anyone who knows how to read. The best part is it is free. If you spend some time in one of these places, you might even learn something.

5.   Go To A Church
I’m not going to persuade on any type of personal beliefs, but this is another building everyone should at least attend. You can dress up, sing, listen to inspirational talks, read good books, and socialize with others. There are lots of different persuasions but most seem to have similar teachings. Unfortunately, no one has pasted the test.

6.   Go To A Game
This is another experience everyone should participate in. No matter what the sport or arena, there is a certain social bonding that takes place at a game. Even if you don’t follow the team or the scoring or enjoy the food or the hoochie-coochie girls jumping around, being in the environment is a good sociological study of our civilization. You could stay at home and watch it on television, but you won’t get the lines at the restrooms and the spilled beer or the drunken fights or the cold air or…. Maybe this is not such a good idea. Note: Golf is not included in this category.

7.   Go To Work
It seems you must do some sort of skilled labor to acquire monetary funds to provide for our daily needs. Whether in an enclosed office space with control environment or outside battling the elements, a person is required to do a certain amount of task to gain employment. There is also the social interaction and camaraderie. And romance? Well most people find their special “other” at work. That alone is a reason to go to work.

8.   Go To Bed
No, this is not one of “those” recommendations, but we do sleep a good portion of our lifetime. We buy clothing just for this purpose, and accessories in colors and patterns and cuddly pets and even build special rooms for this activity. This room is one of the most personal private spaces in the house. Secrets are shared in this room. Plus it is a lot of fun.

9.   Go To The Bathroom
As I said yesterday, there are things you should not do when you got to this “other” special room, but you need to go when you need to go. Just remember what an amazing room it is. More secrets go on in the bathroom because YOU are the only person in there. Appreciate the solitude and take full advantage of it.

10. Go Home
Home is the most special place. Whether you live in a car or a trailer or a brick structure, at the end of the day you want to go home. Even when you leave your parents’ home and find a new spot for yourself, there is always the yearning to go back home. No matter how far you travel or where you stay, there is no place like home.
Send in your request and this will continue. If not, I’ll find some other nonsense to enjoy.

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