Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Day of Shopping

Today I decided to check off another item that was on my to-do list. It has been on my to-do list for some time but I’ve decided to take the plunge and do it. That is to go shopping.
Not just shopping, but shopping for clothing and maybe a blender. What the heck would bring this on? Well, I’ve got a beat up old sweatshirt and another one with a pocket that needs repair and the sweat pants have a hole in the pocket, so what the fud, I’m going shopping.
It seems I’ve been doing a lot of shopping this month. I’ve even taken some adventures I didn’t take in the summer months, but the weather is getting colder and I must fulfill my necessary clothing needs.
A different route just for the adventure and a walk up to the store that was about to get a bunch of money from me, I locked up my bike, took off my gloves and helmet and prepared for the excursion into another world. By the stream of people who was filing in before me, this store was going to make a lot of money anyway.
I brushed back my hair and dusted off my sweatshirt thinking I was presentable and pulled out the plastic red cart to start shopping. I immediately noticed standing in front of me a person in dark clothing and a badge. I don’t mind store security, actually I rather enjoy seeing it with all the crazies going on out there, so I continued on.
I started in the pharmacy area looking for wipes for glasses. The Kroger used to have them but now they just look around in wonder like it was a spaceship or a hard algebra question. So back and forth I wandered the aisles looking for eye products thinking the wipes would be there. Tampons, makeup, toothpaste presented me with their multiple labels, but there were no wipes to clean eyeglasses. Maybe I would have to go to an optic shop?
So I turned the corner and there was mister guard again. He was just walking around and smiling but he had a steady beam on me. I kept moving on avoiding all the ladies who filled the store and patiently followed my adventure.
After several passes, I found the product I intended to place in the cart. Even with some struggle because the lid was faulty and I replaced it several times I found one package I could accept. Again, the guard was just over my shoulder.
Moving on to the kitchen I looked at the blenders. I had researched them online but now the packages didn’t match my expectations. I moved on.
I was here for clothing so kitchenware and toys and magazines were not on my list, but I stop to look at each one. My buddy with a badge kept following me.
I got into the electronic area thinking this guy would make his move by now. There was nothing in my pushcart except wipes for glasses. I looked at headphones and iPods and even attracted a red shirt to ask a question about a product that was not under lock down. I weaved back and forth since I don’t shop much enjoying the adventure and noticed my blue suited partner was following.
So I moved into the “men’s” clothing that was what I came here for. I checked out some sweatshirts and pant and seem to find my size and the variety I had hoped to fill my closet, and then I saw two men walk by. They were elderly, not old, but responsible looking. We made eye contact as I continued to weave my way thought the Chinese clothing. Trying to avoid the ladies who were shopping and their sons who were helping, I took long detours around them. This store even has hats. That gave me a chuckle.
More shirts and sweats and more avoiding the grannies, I continued my search. Then I saw the same two old guys walking pass. Man, was this obvious or what?  I kept picking up merchandise and the two kept walking by. Well, they need something to do.
Just to keep things active, I went back to the kitchen area. I figured by now I was on the hot line of possible problems in the store. They may be closing in at any time.
Back at the blenders I stood and studied what was available. There was big expensive stuff and little fragile stuff. Nothing that I had seen on the Internet I looked at the boxes. In my male confused mind I didn’t see anything about crushing ice. This is why I would purchase a machine that just chops up stuff I could do with a knife. So I decided in my male simple mind to go for one that looks like it will do what I’m looking for but probably don’t need and placed it into the cart.
I was done.
Wheeling past the ladies, there is nothing but ladies in Target this time of day; I found a line that didn’t seem too long. I gently placed the items onto the conveyer belt and waited my turn. I knew by this time I was being observed.
The associate, for I don’t know what the cashier position in Target is called, swapped my items and put them in plastic bags. She seemed unaware that I was being followed. Then again, maybe she knew all along.
I commented about it becoming cold and she started in on banter about her heat prices. I moved on. All the plastic bags were full and I touched the right numbers on the electronic pad to release me from this plastic world.
Putting the cart back in the rack and pulling all the items out, I walked through the scanners without an incident and packed the bike. After a struggle to get up the hill I took my time to return home.
Placing the booty on the deck, I returned to the street, to get my medicine and some fries. Don’t know why I got fries but they were on my mind.
That is just the way the thing happens.


Art said...

They might all want you to come to a party. Bring your guitar, oh, and wear some new clothes.

Art said...

Oh and I just ordered a mess 'o short and long sleeve t's on line. Bet it took no time and I had no "followers".