Wednesday, October 30, 2013

7 Things I Never Expected

There are no rules to life, but there are some reasonable expectations. One should be well fed, stylishly clothed, accompanied by a loving companion, begat heirs, provide for a comfortable and safe shelter, be involved in the community and personal beliefs, and return philanthropy.

These expectations are taught in the family, church, and schools and are represented in our government. Some of us followed the path and some didn’t.

Who knew?

1. Never expected to graduate.
School was not my best subject. So when the test came around I didn’t know the answers and would fail. I didn’t know how to study and really had no interest in working in school.
Somehow through all that, I got a piece of paper that indicated “I passed”. Who knew?

2. Never expected to work for so long.
Work, like school, was not my main desire. A job was just a place to stay between classes with a trickle of cash for my trouble. Then I applied to a company that was in the middle of a strike and got hired on the spot. The pay was OK and got better, the requirements were not difficult and the hours were good so I stayed. And I stayed. And I stayed. Who knew?

3. Never expected to get married.
I didn’t have a girlfriend. I never had a steady. I didn’t go to the prom.
I liked girls. I liked them a lot, but could never commit to romantic involvement.
But somehow I got married. Twice. Who knew?

4. Never expected to have any money.
Financial responsibility was never taught or learned. I always seemed to have enough money until I started working. Then I never had enough money. Credit cards and loans were constantly juggled to go from paycheck to paycheck.
And now there is money in the bank. Who knew?

5. Never expected to hold a dead body.
In elementary school I went to my first funeral. I understood what death was, but until you hold a body that you know is dead or dying, you don’t have that personal interaction with the end.
And there is a smell of death. Who knew?

6. Never expected to live this long.
Having fringed on a few fairly dangerous situations and flooded the body in abuses, I never expected to live beyond 30.
Never went to war or accompanied a serious auto accident, but had some close calls with operations and possible bad choice decisions.
Yet I came out on the other side and am still kicking. Who knew?

7. Never expected anyone to read this.
Who knew?

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