Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beginning of the dark times

After a week of rain and gray clouds, the realization is here. It is time for the dark ages.
Now I’m not saying it is the medieval ages, but the next few months will be the time of darkness. Lots of holidays and celebrations and hunkering down for the winter fun, but to me it will be a dark time.
I will relate it to the medieval times when the sun would drop in the sky and the leaves fell from the trees and the snow covered the ground. The giant stone castles were drafty. Tapestries and animal skins and large fireplaces were used to keep the residents somewhat comfortable, but it went on day after day. Traveling was difficult, so monthly occasions were planned well ahead, to bring people together and break the boredom. No television, radio, MP3 players, Internet or even books. Imagine what that was like.
Wake up to a dark and dreary day with the chill of damp and nothing to do. If one is so moved to be creative, there is self-motivation. If not, there is drinking.
So until spring arrives and brings back the warmth of the sun and the songbirds return to awake the sleeping yard monkeys, it will be dark times. Can light the candles and even decorate for the holidays, but these will be dark times. Might even travel to a different location, but it will be a vacant celebration and they will be dark times. Might buy myself a present even thought the to-do list is not being scratched off, so they will be dark times.
Must be time for a “shake-it-up-baby” moment. Time to turn on the light.

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