Wednesday, October 2, 2013


How much stuff do you know? No, this is not a test, but it is how interesting you may be at a cocktail party. Some call it ‘small talk’ and some find it an interaction with a fascinating conversationalist.
Think of all that is in your mental Rolodex. Facts, experiences and tales, if interesting enough for the listener, may make you the focal attention of the party talk.
Looking at what are the ‘hot topics’ in social media, the most wanted subjects for engrossing conversation involve television shows, movies, books, travel, cooking, music, family and if you really want to go there…politics. As a good listener, I do pick up some things every time I meet with my friends. One nugget of information I did not know before.
While I don’t watch any of the popular television shows or go to movies or haven’t read a book in forever or travel the globe or even cook, I do know a few things about music, as long it was before 1985. I certainly would not get into politics or religion with my friends or with my enemies. So I guess I have to settle for my overwhelming charm, bubbling personality, and outstanding looks.
What if the topic of conversation was about “What was Dale Evans’ horses name?” or “If Mickey Mouse has to wear pants, why doesn’t Donald Duck?” or even more important “If Pluto is a dog, what is Goofy?” or “What planet has it moons named after the king and queen of the fairies in ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’?” or “What grain grown in the U.S.A. and associated with bird seed is a wonderful nutritious overlooked food?” Stop! I know you are Goggling it right now.
A more meaningful conversation might start with the topic of “Who was your first kiss?” or “When did you decide your occupation was not working?” or “Do you ever get drunk with your children?” or “Did you ever stray?”
I’ve always been interested in why people do what they do and not the trivia that surrounds us.  There will be another television show that promotes itself to make you have to absorb it, or a movie that is a remake of one that made money before or a book that is shocking enough to create a following or a tour to an ancient remains presented by a guide who sells trinkets or following a recipe to a dinner that has no history or flavor or download a tune that when played through the current players has no depth or flavor. With the government shut down and living in a commonwealth of conservative comedy, there is plenty of room to follow an annoying conversation of futile ramblings, but I tend not to go there.
So I shake that entire trivia out of my head and don’t pay any attention. I’m sure it is interesting to those who follow the trends, but there is more to life. Excuse me if I tend to be distracted to your silly conversations but to my simple mind it is all trivia.
But then again…
I’m smarter than the average bear.

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TripleG said...

There are four commonwealths among the 50 states*, and three are indeed each a "commonwealth of conservative comedy." Jon Stewart should use that.