Monday, October 21, 2013

Who Are Those Guys?

As I read more and more about people cleaning out their parent’s houses, I wonder what do you do with all the pictures. One of the things that all families collect are photos.
Now as I recall, a camera was fairly rare when I was growing up. Even more so for my parents but somehow they had a vast amount of these old black and white photos. Later in life, the color camera came into existence. Then video made the scene. Today every phone is a totally equipped movie studio.
Checking the social media sites everyone wants to take a photo or movie or everything from the mundane to the news worthy. Along with all the security cameras, there is no privacy anymore. And if you don’t like the look in the photo, it is easy to change.
Back in the day, photo albums were places to store all these pictures of family and friends. After taking the roll of film to be developed, the explanation and description for the photo was written on the back of the paper and it was slipped into a plastic pocket. These albums were brought out at every family reunion to laughter and tears.
Then a generation later, the description of the photo faded as much as the image. The names were unfamiliar yet the photos were moved to frames and placed on walls, mantles and tables as some rite of history. Displayed like museum pieces, groups and faces were plastered around the house.
Having thrown away most of my photos or given away family heirlooms or scanned in DVDs full of unknown memories, I wonder what am I going to do with all these picture frames? Have you noticed when you go to the store to buy a picture frame there is already a face in there? Usually some model or unknown movie star is staring out with a big broad smile making the frame appealing.
I think I will just cut out some pictures from some fashion magazines, put them in the frames and cover the walls with my “new” family. I could have been the cutest baby ever or had a beautiful sister that I never had. My parents could have been rich and famous and my grandparents leaders of the community. Shoot I could have war hero uncles and movie star cousins. Even photos of real celebrities put in a frame with a messy signature and pretend it was given to me as a token of appreciation. It would make your life much more interesting.
It works. I have a small frame of two girls on one of my living room tables. When guest ask me about them, I say, “They are my sisters.” On closer inspection, I get a good laugh and a bit of wonder.

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