Friday, October 18, 2013

Dirty Laundry

There are some wonderful aspects of social media. People who see an event can immediately publish their view of it. Strangers can become friends and family can gather at one site to share photos and stories.
Then again, social media does have its down side. Without regards of who are injured, people can post comments, allegations, photos, and unsolicited opinions of other people without background research, legal editing, or moral responsibility. When posting on any social media location, there are very few restrictions on who can see the post and even fewer restrictions on who can add comments.
Now some people like to post their “dirty laundry” on the web. There is something inside us that makes us say the worst things. We bring out our “dirty laundry” and sometimes others “dirty laundry” not realizing the consequences. When you think about it, most cocktail parties, if not networking to further your career, are about discussing your “dirty laundry”.
Political opinions, children pictures, dating experiences, parties attended, and even announcement of vacations may be questionable, but are out there for anyone to see. If you don’t mind sharing your thoughts and experiences with the world, display your “dirty laundry”.

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