Monday, November 2, 2015

Airing out your dirty laundry

It seems we like to do that. The juicer the conversation the more interest there is. It is in every checkout lane. There are magazines dedicated to it. Books, movies, songs and even plays are written to do it.
There is something about airing out our dirty laundry we all adore. If we are good at gossip we can hang out other’s dirty laundry. Sometimes the dirty laundry is real and sometimes it is just a factoid expanded upon by word of mouth.
No matter what a candidate for public office astounds to, the media digs through trash to find dirty laundry. Like skeletons in the closet, we all have some. Some have built a sizable wealth on displaying their dirty laundry.
So why do we love it so much?
Does it make us feel better that someone else has bigger problems than us? Knowing someone has had dirty laundry but has come through it and survived an admirable quality? Does sharing our dirty laundry bring us closer together?
Just be proud to air out your dirty laundry. It is what makes you interesting.

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