Sunday, November 1, 2015

Word of Mouth

What is the truth?
Where do you get your information? You listen to people on the radio or television. You read newspapers, magazines, and books. You get bombarded with advertising, campaigns and questionable facts and figures supporting statements. You talk to friends and family and overhear strangers.
So much taken in and few filters to establish fact from fiction. What will you believe? How will you form your opinions?
Much of it is who do you believe. Does the person who is telling you information look like you? Do they fit into the acceptable genre? Do you trust they have presented their statement with reliable research? Do your friends confirm your interpretations of the information?
There are lots of comments on web-links agreeing or disagreeing with articles from established reporting sources. Some of these comments can be very rude and vulgar fogging the reader from the thought at hand. Like a Pavlov dog, enough of this nonsense can persuade someone to believe all sorts of crazy.
My advice is to listen closely to what is being said and who is saying it. Check out the facts if you question or scroll on for tomorrow there will be a whole new set of talking points.
Just smile, nod your head and move on, for in the long run, it just doesn’t matter.  

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