Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You’re Entitled

If you have some extra money after your bills are paid or have good credit to purchase what you can’t afford or have a linage of someone who long ago was important or hold a position of power in an organization, are you entitled?
If you buy the ticket are you entitled to take a seat and watch a show? If you spend extra money, are you entitled to be closer to the stage? Your money entitles you to a better seat?
We all have egos but believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment goes a bit too far. We all come in the same way and we all go out the same way.
Yet there are some, perhaps too many, who feel they have a right to go to the front of the line. For whatever reason, the rest of us let them butt in and get away with it. We might complain, but we do not take any action. Who is at fault?
Being born into an accepting society without fear or want makes a difference. Having the privilege to attend the best schools and churches and shop at the finest retail establishments and be served at the acclaimed dining venues we held our heads up proud due to the color of your skin because it made a difference.
Our people have decided we were entitled to poke holes in our ground, disembowel our mountains, pollute our waters, slaughter our animal neighbors, make waste of our forest. Because we are entitled we can fill our lands with plastic non-biodegradable waste, choke our breathing in our insatiable need to travel and treat half our species as second-rate citizens of this blue marble.
With all our efforts and our well-earned accolades, we are all entitled to die. I guess that is the biggest reward of all.
PS. Those are some fine threads and jewelry folks.

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