Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What is your agenda?

Everyone has one
What gets you going in the morning? Not the to-do list but the personal agenda you seek to accomplish. Besides the day-to-day chores, each of us has an agenda to drive us.
Our agenda may be to reach a goal or master a task or follow the heart. A meeting agenda can be a check off list of items to conclude before creating another agenda. A personal agenda may be a series of task to complete before watching the football game. An agenda can be self-defined or assigned by another.
 To become popular can be an agenda. To graduate from a prestigious school to impress a future employer can be an agenda. To buy a fancy car or watch or home can be an agenda. To make it thorough a hard workweek to party with your friends on weekends can be an agenda. To find the perfect mate can be an agenda. To please your parents can be an agenda. To get laid can be an agenda.
Our personality can be altered by our agenda. If our agenda is to promote a cause, for or against, our rationally thinking can be overwhelmed by our narrow focus to achieve our agenda. Like a one-trick-pony, we struggle to stay the course and not waver, for then our agenda would crumble.
Agendas can change as one after another is accomplished or they can be a constant reach for the golden ring that never comes. Two can have the same agenda causing friction, jealousy, stress and sometimes violence.
Like your day planner, make a list of what is most important to you. Then compare that with people who are close to you. Now zoom in on the number one point that keeps you going everyday. Is that your agenda?

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TripleG said...

I've found that bosses (managers, directors, what have you) are of two main agenda types: those who are lazy and want the staff to do all the work while they take the credit at their meetings with higher-ups, and those who are pathologically amibitious and will use you and use you up to achieve their goals, with no thought to ethics or fair play or even any positive outcomes for the organization. Children and parents have their own agendas, too, and they certainly don't coincide either.