Sunday, November 22, 2015

You Stink!

You can’t help it. We all have a certain aroma that defines us.
There is an industry to try and block our odor but they wash off and we come back to our own stink.
If we work out or even a struggle with yard work, our bodies can create a stench. Once the gnats start swirling and others move away it is time to take control of your own odor.
Yet our BO defines us as much as our height, hair or eyes color. Those close to us will accept our unique fragrance and tolerate our personal stink.
Animals seem to us personal stink to clarify items and situations and even individuals, but we try to disguise ourselves in acceptable scents. We even light candles and purchase devices to fill a room with vanilla or cinnamon or pine to cover our stink.
So enjoy this season of holly and wreaths and homemade goodies and oven cooking wafting through the air. It won’t smell this good until spring when the windows can be opened.
Until then lots of air fresheners and watch the burritos. That stink nobody likes.

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