Friday, November 27, 2015

Did You Ever Wonder?

Not so much about the stars or the answer to a math question or how a pizza can get made and delivered in a half hour, but those strange questions that come to mind. This is why the Internet was created. This is what Google is for.
Not so much of why the city doesn’t fill that pothole at the end of the street but what is that stuff they fill it with and does it get into the water table and why doesn’t it last longer? Not if the window is leaking air but will the window last another year before replacing it? Not so much of wondering if Christmas will be on the 25th but thinking about those presents in the wrapped boxes and wondering is that enough?
The brain is an interesting organ that not only processes thousands of thoughts and sending answers to questions like should I poop now or is this hot or is this love or indigestion? The brain also comes up with poetry and songs and weird scientific ideas of gravity or the proper mixes of gravy.
Why do we question so many things? We want to solve the mysteries of Sherlock or ponder the interpretations of our beliefs or even ponder the instructions on the side of the box and think that is not enough time in the microwave.
We can numb our wanderings through the conscious but when it comes back, we start to wonder all over again. We can’t help ourselves. Is there a difference in signing in foreign languages? How do you apply an accent? Once a cake falls, can you get it back up? If a woman were the Pope, would she be the Popess? Why did you shoe size shift from 10 to 13 when they ere manufactured overseas? Does your grass grow faster than your hair?
Perhaps our specialized education is supposed to give us enough background on a particular field to focus on one subject to wonder. The more knowledge we gain only creates more questions than answers. Yet our intelligence can have conflicts with emotions and swayed by other influences.
So as long as we wonder we will keep our mind active and alive so I guess it is a good thing. Why is the sky blue? Is my blue the same as your blue? How high is the sky?
Our algorithms calculate a world of wonder to conceive and to contemplate. Could I wear a brown suit with black shoes? Could I wear a blue suit with brown shoes? If I say what she wants to hear, do I really mean it? Does she understand what I am trying to say? What am I trying to say?

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TripleG said...

"Curiosity is the lust of the mind," said the philosopher.

I say keep the shoes color-coordinated, and everything else falls into place.