Sunday, November 1, 2015

Turning out the light

Last night was Halloween…a night of wonder and pretend…a night of make believe and dress up… a night of fantasy.
Halloween, a made up holiday part religious and part excuse to celebrate silliness. It is also an excuse to feed your child (or inner child) with sugar just as the industry told you to do.
Last night I heard the laughter of the children. The neighbors were ready to receive a new batch of youngsters in a family setting that was protected from the woes and fear of this night.
Once upon a time, I’d sit on the porch and welcome the costumed kiddies with treats and enjoy their continuous parade, but something changed. It was not the pranks of Halloween but the constant pressure to provide for the dentist and doctors who must care for the overstuffed and obese youngsters.
There was a time when the holiday was reversed and it was called ‘Treat or Trick’. A group of older than children would go house-to-house and when the door was answered would give away treats instead of begging for handouts.
So as the kiddies get hyped up on candy and looking forward to the feast of Thanksgiving and then the opulence of Christmas, I turned out the light.

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