Sunday, November 22, 2015

Look In The Mirror

What do you see?

Everyone has them; some more than others. Some have them in every room. Everyone has them in the bathroom. Some are long and tall and some are on tables with lights.
And when you look in one what do you see?
Every morning we brush out teeth or shave or comb our hair or just stare to wakeup to that face. Everyday the image is a history of our time. That is unless you are a vampire.
What if you took all the looking glass away? How would you tell if your hair is combed or if you have a big pimple on your nose or if your tie is on straight? How would you know if that jacket fits with that blouse with that skirt? How in the world would you put on makeup or shave?
You could try and catch a glass in a store window or a car windshield or even a puddle. If people look at you and then avert their eyes, you know you did it wrong but it is too late.
All the looking glasses have been removed from my house for painting. I need to shave. How will I do that? Is there an app? Will the selfie camera on the phone work? Maybe it is time to grow a beard?

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