Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Just Another Year in Just Another Life

Well another year down and a quick look back at what my thoughts were of the previous three hundred and sixty five days. Take the journey with me and you too may remember.
I’ll start with the now late ‘ReadWave’ site. Based in England it had a rather large global readership and some interesting young ideas and comments. The reason for joining the site was they would post monthly ‘writer challenges’ and would choice the best of the 800-word articles. Most articles I wrote got between fifty to one hundred reads, but some caught fire. When it shutdown I had accumulated over sixty one thousand readers with as many themes and thoughts and comments. It was an interesting experiment.
The subjects were across the board of romance, music, world events, and more romance. With such a broad range of readers, I tried to post thoughts that may attract attention and get a youthful point of view response.
Romance went the full gamut of what is love to breakups to praying for a period. I can only write from real life experiences.
Sadly world events were more about wars and shootings and disasters. Everyday there seems to be another occasion to write about. I tried to write a different point of view than all the social media comments and finger pointing. It seems we like this stuff so it keeps happening and then we wring out hands and wait for the next atrocity.
Music was one of my enjoyable subjects. I started reading other’s thoughts about ‘ole’ music references, so I just added what it was like being there. Great fun. Then I went out and bought another guitar.
Of course I also wrote about other things as abuse or bigotry or loneliness and death. Some of the subjects we don’t want to discuss and use our distractions to avoid them.
I also seem to write about holidays and human reactions and even a few unusual stops at religion. Old girlfriends, pets, homes, trips and the mundane were all fair game. Whatever rattles around in my brain gets written down and presented to the world. It is sort of like a secret diary that is not so secret.
Some of the comments are funny, some are enlightening, some are reveling and some are deleted. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the social media network is my only outsource of ideas and music and thoughts to friends and strangers. I probably repeat themes as I shovel out the unnecessary thoughts and refocus on what interest me. A word or a sentence or even a vocal can spark a thought.
The rest of the year in review was fairly mild. No major projects or problems or disruption to a quiet retired life. The weather was varied as seasons go and the entertainment was electronic but not televised. Breaking old habits are hard to do but that is why we make resolutions.
Dull? So be it. It is just another year in just another life.

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