Saturday, February 6, 2016

Laugh With Me

It is 5AM. No not really, it is 7:46 and the sun is coming up. A new day is dawning and I’ve just had a good laugh to start the day.
Anyone on social media or whatever this screens presents to me knows I might be up too early or maybe never slept. That is not the point.
I posted some videos on our favorite bulletin board and got stuck on the Ben Fold’s video of ‘Rock This Hall’ (appropriate adjustment of the name) and then the Jon Anderson’s video with the same Contemporary Youth Orchestra who plays on both.
First, somewhat knowledgeable of music, I enjoy seeing a group of people playing together with such skill. The Ben Fold’s video maybe or maybe not was rehearsed but it came off well and worked for the improvisation.  The Jon Anderson’s video surprised me. I know the song, but I thought the arrangement that the orchestra present was superb. Here are kids with the passion to learn an instrument and share their talent with the public. Above all the technical stuff I could point out, they were having fun. Smiles on faces in an orchestra are new to me and I enjoyed it.
Second, I started laughing. Maybe appreciation of the sound I was hearing but a rolling laughter. A hysterical laughter with tears rolling down my cheeks I was crying at what I was listening to. This wasn’t a Budweiser commercial but I was joyfully enjoying the moment of music that made me happy.
Perhaps not enough sleep but I truly enjoyed the videos and posted them so hopefully some others can enjoy them too.
Laugh with me.

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