Sunday, February 21, 2016


One of the hardest occupations on this planet must be the ‘translator’? Here is a person who can hear words and immediately translate to another culture in another language. Do they fully understand what they are saying?
Words and phrases have different meanings to other cultures and maybe misinterpreted. Without proper voice inflection and visual facial expression a statement could be confusing and maybe improperly received.
Since sentences base our thoughts, opinions, philosophies and prejudges and paragraphs are built on sentences, meanings could be misconstrued so the translator has to convey in a moments notice the correct idea of the sender with hopes the receiver will understand. Not an easy task.
Perhaps if we have more translators so it would be easier to communicate? Too often thoughts are repeated as if the first comment didn’t make sense. More often is the phrase “do you know what I mean?” placed after the comment. Do we have a problem understanding each other or are we just not listening?
Songs are sung, paintings painted, dances performed, poetry written all trying to express what the mind thinks but the mouth can’t say. All are forms of translating thoughts to another awaiting the reviews.
Emotional connections between two people are as awkward an example of needing a translator. The mind has a thought and the mouth says the words (no, not getting into tweets or text) hoping the other person will understand the deep sincerity of the thought. If the other person is on the same wave link they may hear the words and overindulge on the meaning. On the other hand, with emotional filters and past experiences, even the most romantic statement could be heard differently than intended.
That is why we have Valentine’s Day. Greeting card manufacturers have large staffs that transform the words “I Love You” into thousands of different translations hoping to get the message through. When the voice doesn’t work, try a card. Flowers and candy can also be used to emphasis the translation.
Of course the other might just respond, “What did you say?”

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