Sunday, February 21, 2016

What Are You Waiting For?

Procrastination. Is it a disease or a lifestyle?
Just go ahead and do it. No, wait. It is the constant struggle of timing. Put it off until tomorrow.
So what does this have to do with February? Well it is time to do the taxes. There is still another month and a half before I have to file, but why wait?
Check! Taxes are done and now what?
The ‘To-Do’ list is never ‘To-Done’. The list turns dark and wrinkled and dusty everyday but nothing gets scratched off. Why not? Procrastination.
An avoidance syndrome learned early and used for years. It is a snooze alarm for life.
So how do you break a bad habit? Wake up earlier? Stay up later? Eat more? Eat less? Take a walk? Take a nap? Drink less? Drink more?
What did I do?
Easy, I went back to the inventory of what I’ve been wasting time writing over the years. It must have been what I’ve been thinking about instead of doing what I need to do.
Seems I’ve been thinking a lot about friends and family. Looks like I also have some opinions on relationships of the heart. Sure there is lots of silliness and some off-wall thoughts. Little religion but mostly vague open-ended statements and little politics about news reactions to the daily grind slip into my list. There is plenty of captures of the moment like a dairy of escaping thoughts.
Now looking at the purchases made in the past few years it tells it’s own story. Buy a sweatshirt and come back with three sweaters…and a sweatshirt. Buy toys that sit on the shelf because it just can be.
So what is next?
Tomorrow will see.

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