Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You Are What You Eat

Wintertime is cold and forbidding to venture outside, so we huddle inside….and then eat.
Why is this?
When we are stuck inside our warm homes we binge watch bad television cuddled under warm covers and we fill our stomachs.
Are we hungry?
Not really because we are doing nothing to use up calories but our society has promoted that we constantly eat and so we do. The social media is full of suggestions of dishes based on starch with a tomato or cream sauce covered in cheese and washed down either by a sugar drink or alcohol. All the variations of sweet and salty can be consumed in easy to open microwave mentality gratification without thought to the stretch pants.
Looking at the food budget for the month of grey and snowy days, the fault is mine for purchasing whim desires with the only results of chowing down well passed what was a taste. Large meals of hearty stews to baked Italian dishes sopped up in breads to way too many pleasure cakes, creams and cookies bring the body to a staggering halt under the stomach expansion and the need to sleep.
Is this what winter is for? Eating??
Every year it seems the ritual after the holidays must continue. Do we blame it on the seasonal overindulgence or just an excuse to fill our time cooking and consumption? Is this the excuse to use all those fancy gadgets in the kitchen that just fill up cabinets and get in the way the rest of the year?
Vegetables and fruits are put aside for comfort food. Hundreds of studies (I don’t know what they are but I’m sure they are out there) and reports have theories on why we absorb food like it was air during the dark months of winter. As long as obesity becomes the norm and the abundance of varieties of tasty treats are available, chow down. It all helps the clothing manufacturers and the medical professionals stay in business.
 I don’t have all the answers for I just ate a pizza and now need to take a nap.
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