Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why Don’t You Like Me?

Is it something I said? Was it something I’ve done? I just don’t understand.
This is how we grow up.
There is this person we become attracted to. For whatever reason we want them to like us. We act smarter or funnier or taller or any other silliness to get that person’s attention.
And if it works and you get to break the ice with a small talk conversation, you can start to explore another persons profile and possibly dig deep into personal intimacies.
With some a friendship can flourish and with others a love affair may bloom. With others a quick goodbye and a blip in time is forgotten.
Sometimes the physical attractions can be over-shadowed by personal habits or ancient histories or even political or musical preferences. Some friendships can end wearing the wrong clothing or driving the wrong car.
Sometimes there just isn’t that ‘spark’.
Making a friend, like going a group, an individual has to compromise some of their own personal attributes and perhaps adjust judgmental preferences to conform. Are we ‘selling out’ in order to make a friend?
Yet some, no matter how hard you try, never seem to want to like you. Why?
The conversations were witty and the laughter sounded real and the time spent in each other’s company seemed comfortable for both. Certain looks seem to indicate the ‘spark’ could venture into romance, but it never did.
Where did we go wrong? Was it something I said? Was it something I did? Did I have a piece of lettuce stuck to my lip? Was there someone else or was it just I?
We work so hard to make friends and then beat ourselves up when it goes wrong. We just forget that everyday is a new adventure and people change.
If I liked you yesterday because you were pretty or funny or looked good on my arm, might be different today. Our taste in music and reading and even fashion changes, why should our relationships with others?
If you liked me then and don’t like me now I can logically understand. I might not like it or be even emotionally hurt but life goes on.
Some day you might find me even more appealing or attractive or enlightening, but without being friends, you will never know.

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