Saturday, February 20, 2016


It has been one of those old-age days. Not one of those days where you can’t find your keys or walk in another room and forget why, but I couldn’t remember names today.
I woke early at the sound of a big wind coming through. I was having a dream about some hotel that was going to promote a singing/songwriting contest and I was entering and that was just the beginning. There was some sort of football game going on but I decided to leave it to watch some women wrestlers.
No wait, it gets better. It seem my uncle was promoting this contest thing and wanted to make sure the presentation comments were right before we took the stage. He had written this little scribble in blue pen on some little post-it note and taped it to a big sheet of paper with a bunch of other descriptions of other groups. He had then folded the collections down to a size he could carry.
Well my uncle was struggling to unfold all this stuff without tearing the paper and I was struggling to try and read his writing and I think the wrestlers were also trying to help. Now comes the weird part.
I figure I have to take this scrap of paper back to my room and try to decipher it to a email I can send to the rest of the band for their agreement before approving the presentation. There was something about the name “Pervalle” but I have no idea where that came from. So I want to ask my uncle if I can borrow the paper to copy and bring it back to him….except I can’t remember his name.
Since he was family I should know his name but I can’t. I run down all the list of my mothers’ brothers and sisters and husbands and wives but cannot come up with his name. I can picture his face (of course, he is in my dream) but I cannot think of his name.
Since I’m already awake I figure I’ll get on the computer and do some family anthology to spark my memory. With a cup of coffee in hand, I turn on the computer prepared for a search of this name when BAM! It hit me. “Randy”. That is the name I was looking for.
An orgasmic relief came over me but I still wondered what I would find if I went back to sleep and venture to his room #1203. This uncle just didn’t seem to be that sort of flashy promoter, but dreams make their own rules.
So mystery solved and I could rest in peace for the rest of the day, until this evening. I suddenly thought about some television show with a red haired actress from the 70s.
Easy enough, just Google the name…..but I didn’t remember the name of the show or actress or even if it was in the 70’s. Like any good detective I plugged in clues and examined the results. Red haired actress? Red haired actress in the 70s? Red haired actress in a sitcom? 70s television sitcoms? Any sitcoms? Any television shows?
While you probably already know the answer and are laughing, I went through this search for three….THREE hours! Go ahead and laugh for after awhile I started to give up because it really wasn’t that important. This wasn’t going to be on the test, but I kept going back. I couldn’t give up.
Maybe the additional beer made the logic kick in and I started to analysis what I was really looking for. I didn’t know the actress or the name of the show but I thought it was a name. I wasn’t even sure of the year, but I knew it was on television.
So I figured about when I saw it and what other shows were on at the same time. Then I got it!
The same producer of “The Jeffersons” and “All In The Family” produced this show. With the name Norman Lear, Wikipedia tells me the secret.
“Mary Hartman Mary Hartman”. And the actress was Louise Lasser. Phew!
Do I feel I accomplished anything? Well I found the treasure but it wasn’t really a treasure. I was just a moment in time that was forgettable until I couldn’t remember.
Now where did I put those keys?
* Note the plug for Bill Nelson’s illustration. No charge Bill.

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TripleG said...

You're working way too hard for a retired guy.