Thursday, August 18, 2016

Demilitarized Zone

When people are tired of killing each other and invading each other’s property they form treaties and create buffer zones that is a no-mans land for either side to inhabit.
Once the smoke clears and the dust settles, these plots of land can finally become a useful refuge for the creatures that also inhabit our space.
Some will call it a wilderness preserve and some will just call it a nature’s way of making a space for animals to live as they were intended to do.
How often do we forget when a sub-division or highway was developed for our pleasure that hundreds of other homes in trees and woodlands were destroyed? Even today with the fires in California and the flooding in Louisiana that our co-habitats are scattering to find new shelter without government assistance. They, more than most of us, have learn how to cope, adapt and evolve to changing conditions to survive.
If creatures have a space without danger, they can survive.
There will always be the threat of possible predators but in a place that has provided water and substance and shelter, a creature can feel safe.
That is the philosophy of “Puppywoods”.
There are tall trees and lots of shrubs and a timely feeding and then the land is left alone. Sheltered by wooden fences that are no real barriers this is the best of the Garden of Eden one person can produce. 
Like the changing of the seasons, there will be deaths and births but most important there is a safe space to be.
Hopefully another generation will flourish and their antics will entertain more than any electronic media.
Tomorrow I will walk out to the deck and offer blueberries and seed to whoever wants to feast and enjoy being surrounded by wild animals that do not fear this towering neighbor.
It is a demilitarized zone.

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TripleG said...

We've been following up on your inspiration, and the more jungle-like the outside gets, the more critters show up everyday for their seeds and nuts: squirrel, chipmunk, mole, shrew, sparrow and catbird. The HOA is dying to cut it all down, because who needs shade, animal antics, peace and quiet?
We all do. Turn of the TV.