Friday, August 26, 2016

I Want Your Money

A continuing theme, it is what we do. We ask for money and then more money and then more money.
Is it begging or just our human nature to try and help? And throwing money at whatever the cause will help?
Within our own lives, our children and families need assistance so we pay up. If we are really kind, we loan money to friends with no interest.
We find employment to earn this money we give away. Someone else who accumulates money will allow us to come in late, waste time in the bathroom, over extend our lunches, and then complain about working late expecting overtime.
After paying for food and shelter and clothing and transportation and any other necessary we deem, if a good citizen we pay our fair share to taxes and fees. As we get raises, our expansion of wealth could provide for luxuries and philanthropy.
There always seem like enough for some to travel and gorge and celebrate in their self-indulgence while the slums are just out of sight.
Then the news is filled with famine and natural disasters and everyone holds out there hands.
There seems to be plenty of money to make bombs to drop on other people but suddenly the city can’t find the funds to cut the grass. If anyone pays attention, one minute there seems to be a surplus to give raises and next there is not enough money to pay for trash pickup or emergency equipment.
From what I understand, when money comes in become the funds that can be spent when money goes out. Accounting 101 or how a simple budget is done.
Of course it is not that easy.
Today I hear the commonwealth is missing over a billion in deficit. What? OK, to be fair the anticipation and projections of income didn’t work out. Just like if you didn’t get that raise you can’t buy that big screen TV or get your daughter braces.
So what do you do?
Bureaucrats and number crunchers will come up with new pie charts and spin on how the money is spent and life goes on. 
The charities will continue to provide shocking images and ask for relief at our fascination of watching carnage.
Until you call 911 and no one shows up.

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