Friday, August 19, 2016

How much time do you spend in the kitchen?

Every home has them. Some say the kitchen is the heartbeat of the house.
People gather in the kitchen while food is prepared and drinks are served and it becomes a party room. Children are first taught chores in the kitchen washing dishes and taking out the trash.
Before pre-pared foods became available, the kitchen was the room you made what you ate. You stored your provisions in wooden cabinets on the wall and had large appliances that provided hot or cold.
After WWII, the kitchen became the ‘woman’s place’ complete with cookbooks, aprons, and a huge array of implements to display her prowess in her home. All that metal that was being saved for the war effort was not being turned into blenders along with vacuum cleaners, televisions, and automobiles.
Now the stay-at-home mom could spend her time in the kitchen while her provider husband went off to hunt and gather and sell insurance only to come home as ask, “What’s for dinner?”
Families would sit at the table in the room adjacent to the kitchen for meals and conversation, until the TV tray came about. With the introduction of the microwave dinner, the dining room became vacant.
Some still enjoy watching all the cooking shows and try out every variation of cuisine concoctions. Chopping and slicing and stirring and blending and spicing and presentation to a family raised on burgers and fries and pizza. The goal to educate and widen our pallets may be overcome by salt and sugar?

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