Monday, August 22, 2016

Flying With Dragons

Cooler today. Nice relief from having the body hot when dawn breaks. A cup of coffee with no bugs in the sink but they will be back tonight. Check the news but it is all old. Give a few happy birthday wishes to strangers and wait for the sound of the trash men.
Cicadas welcome the sun with their morning songs. The soft voices of the doves chime in. The rest is silent.
The end of summer has taken away the songs and activity that spring had jocularly provided. Even with the delivery of goodies, there are few faces that show up to the buffet. The heat has slowed life or maybe they are moving on.
With the same routine, there is a different feel of the day. The few faces seem lost. A bit of a detour to the destination only to watch the large hawk catching the updrafts.
The daily meals are becoming bothersome so a fresh approach to a veggie meal is consumed; yet not enjoyed. The daily chores are done. There is nothing else to do. There is no interest on any social media site. There is nothing going on.
Hours of music that says a lot about another person and conversations about guitar constructions I find fascinating but it could be a carpenter discussing a dresser or mechanical talk of an expensive car or a historical discussion of electricity. Life is about trying to find something of interest to fill the time we have.
So in reflection there is more time to understand what we like and what we wonder. The music of our youth holds more of a connection than what are the trends of today. Is that just age or what it is like for generations to carry their favorites with them?
Good friends who were there when you needed them and you were there for them are so distant now. We’ve all changed and just getting intoxicated together doesn’t make friendship work any more. There are too many distractions to offer a meaningful conversation. 
More information than one can imagine as darkness comes. The plans as they are made for tomorrow with ultimate goals of enjoying the cooler weather knowing the flying roaches will greet me inside.
See you tomorrow dude.

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