Sunday, August 7, 2016

Silly Habits

Congestion. Not the sinus backup that requires pills and potions and steaming and tissues.
No, I’m talking about a different trend we use to cause congestion.
You might participate in this trend. You might get annoyed by this trend and even become rude. You might realize it has become a trend like double parking or constantly talking on your phone and wait your turn.
What I am observing is we don’t like to go through doorways.
We will stand in lines and shuffle through designated pathways but we balk when we get to doorways.
We check our receipts, adjust our clothing, answer our phones, or start a conversation with another just to block the doorway from anyone behind. Common courtesy would suggest moving out of the way for others, but that seems to be a medieval myth.
Have we become so enamored in ourselves to feel others can just find another way around them?
If we are disabled or elderly it may take a bit longer to cross the threshold. Civility would allow the additional time needed.
Drivers use their horns to show their annoyance at traffic jams. Impatient people will yell and push and shove waiting to cross the throughway.
Is it just another trend or habit like checking your phone before you start to drive or waiting until everyone is in the car before starting a lengthy conversation with family?
It is just another day in just another life.

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