Monday, August 1, 2016

There is a New Game in Town

Beside that trying to capture some pokie something or driving badly, there is a new trend happening at the Tummy Temple.
Don’t know if you are practicing it but seems some people don’t want to push their carts. They want to pull the carts.
If this is just another annoying habit like grazers or the bumper cars or those who can’t decide whether to buy the large or the jumbo or if they have a coupon to save a penny, they get in my way.
I use the little baskets that can easily zip through the aisles and only carry a few items and I’m in and out without any problem.
Now I’m not disrespectful to other shoppers. Just the opposite, I look down an aisle and see a shopper who is having a problem on selection and turn around and go another direction. I’m more than polite to the slow movers and look ahead at the crush and spend the time to go around and come back later.
Yet recently I’ve seen this ‘pulling the cart’. Not only do these large carts take up space but also someone pulling it takes up more of the path. Pulling a cart from the front is impossible because the cart bumps up to the feet so the cart has to be pulled from the side. When the shopper stops to make a selection the cart fills the space of the aisle.
When I do have to use the ‘large’ carts it is like driving a battleship. Maneuvering it through the aisles is a struggle and any obstacle is more frustrating.
Perhaps there should be instructions that these baskets on wheels are to be ‘pushed’ and not ‘pulled’. Should there be PSA about pushing a wire basket in the Tummy Temple rather than pulling it? Those are handles at the other end.
Now I understand those who must multitask like the photo of pushing a wheelchair and pulling a cart and am respectful. Even with the courtesy of hungry drivers, it would be rude for the nurse to bump the old lady across the parking lot like a billiard ball.
Maybe this is just another trend of obnoxious folks talking on the phone and pulling their carts around and it will morph into something else? Maybe I should get one of those bumper cars and start crashing into the rudeness of blocking the aisle?
Like the rest of civility it will be just another adaption to the reality of living with other people.

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TripleG said...

My fave is people stopping dead with their full cart just in front of the exit. They fiddle around for what seems an age, oblivious to everything. In fact, overall, the grocery store is the ultimate catalog of human denseness.