Friday, September 23, 2016


Avoidance can be a self-preservation technique. We avoid things for safety and we avoid pain and suffering. We try to.
We avoid getting too close to the edge in fear of falling. We avoid fire and sharp objects. We tend to shy away from gunshots.
We have become fanatical about avoiding. We shade ourselves from the sun and exam our food as if it is all poison. We give wide berth to dangerous animals and steer clear of lightning.
We lower our survival tendencies to get doctor exams and cannot avoid the daily stress of bills, family, taxes, work and other elements that we must deal with to live.
We can avoid traffic by finding a different route, but we can’t avoid love. We can teach ourselves not to hate, but there is no avoidance of love. There is no way around it when the love bugs bites. We can be awkward and shy about discussing our feelings with the other person, but we can avoid our attraction for whatever reason. It fills our dreams and becomes the air we breathe. We may try to avoid the temptation with the possibility of rejection, yet love is a drug and should be enjoyed and cherished while you have it.
One more thing before I go. Death! Sorry you can’t avoid it. It is inevitable. No one gets out alive.

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