Thursday, September 1, 2016

What Did You Do For Summer Vacation?

Sure it was hot, but you better get used to that. The kids are out of school and you take off from work to entertain them and spend some time for yourself.
Did you go to the beach? Did you go to the mountains? Did you get caught in traffic? Did you have a tree fall on your house? Did you spend a night in an airport? Did you wind up in one city and your luggage went somewhere else? Did you get mugged? Did you drink too much and have to get your stomach pumped? Did you walk on the beach and cut your foot on a broken bottle?
Did you sit in the A/C and watch the political conventions? Did you sit inside and watch the Olympics? Did your toilet backup? Did you have guest over who wouldn’t leave? Did your cat decide it was time to bring you dead birds? Did you raise the windows only to hear your neighbors screaming? Did you get sunburn cooking on the deck?
Did you buy a bathing suit you decided never to wear? Did you try that new acclaimed restaurant only to find the food and service sucked? Did you attend a funeral? Did you adopt a new friend? Did you have a confrontation with a police officer? Did you call your mother? Did you color your hair? Did you sign up for that yoga class knowing full well you would never go? Did you squeeze the peaches?
Did your phone die? Did you have home renovations by people whose talk you didn’t understand? Did you forget to pay your taxes? Did your daughter get pregnant? Did your dog poop on the bed? Did you go to a national park and get chased by a bear? Did you go to church? Did you shave your head? Did you get bad news from the doctor? Did you get a summons? Did you get an offer to buy your house? Did you find your lost love? Did you write the next great American novel?
Did you just wait out the heat and just get bored?

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