Friday, September 9, 2016

Where Did You Come From?

It is part of our identity. It seems where we come from explains who we are.
Where we come from is also a conversation starter. People can relate with place to associate their families or friends who live in similar places. Unless you were born in the place that your parents were born and their parents were born, there will be s string of where you come from.
It doesn’t matter where you were born because that is just where you parents were during that time. Where you went to school is always a good conversation starter. Where you live now may not matter except for the general region.
Most people will recognize a big city like New York or New Orleans or Atlanta or Los Angeles but few may know a rural Farmville or Ashland or Doswell or New Cumberland. Even fewer will know the neighborhoods of Colonial Place or Malvern Gardens or even the Fan. To dig down deep to street names would mean the other person or friend lived within the city limits and particularly in your area.
It is basically a starting point for a conversation of familiar places that may have been vacations, conventions, living destinations or grandparents homestead. If you are out of country, only your nation makes a reference of where you come from.
Genealogy also confuses the issue by defining a person of their ancestry. Not only the location but where the family came from decades of migration and integration with other cultures.
So where did you come from?
Third rock from the sun.

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