Monday, September 12, 2016

My TV Is Dying

He’s been with me through four decades. After the decision was made that another television was necessary a quick trip to Circuit City and a black 15” Panasonic was purchased. It was state of the art with a remote control and a VCR .
My first luxury purchase when I moved into this house was a 21” color television from Miller and Rhoades. It was 1979 and my first color television. Carried the big box home on the bus, adjusted the antenna and punch the remote box and volia I was in heaven. Then MTV came out and I had to get cable and punch a hole in the wall and rig up some type of connection and another remote box on a cord. Cable became boring even with free movies and disengaging became even harder but finally went back to the normal three local stations for new, weather, and serial network entertainment.
It became apparent that there must be a television in every room. Then digital television came along and analog converter boxes had to be installed for each one. VCR and DVD players along with additional rabbit ears were wired with an array of remotes.
Yet my little Panasonic sitting on the wall has been a trusted friend through many cold winters and hot summers. It’s remote died years ago along with the VCR player and FM radio. The little speaker is also fading.
Now the screen is starting to shrink. I can turn it off and turn it back on yet the cathode ray tube is about done. It has been a faithful friend bringing me PBS adventures, football and music shows. It maybe sad I don’t turn it on as much anymore but there is not much worth watching? Maybe it is just getting too old?
So soon I’ll take him off the wall and replace him with a newer old model already in storage with finer detail for foggy eyes. This winter I can watch DVDs and VCR and have more remotes to fumble with.
Until then I’ll keep him up in the dusty spider webbed corner and try to make him go as long as I can. That is what you do with old faithful friends.

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