Friday, September 2, 2016

It Is Hard To Be Nice

Today I decided to do something different. I saw something on the Internet that inspired me.
Still following my usual routine I prepared for my new adventure. Opening the back door I broke that spider’s web again. You’d think he’d get the idea since it happens every morning but it is a good spot under shelter and a light on to attract bugs. Sorry guy, see you tomorrow morning.
Welcomed cooler weather but no morning welcoming, I followed my usual route without much pain or struggle. No unusual traffic behavior but I take the back road and had to deliver the mail. No crazy Jack this morning so the journey went swiftly. Found my reserved parking spot and prepared for another long walk. Back and forth picking up my critter supplies and trying to remember the ‘other thing’ I had to get avoiding the crowded aisles. Remembering there was talk of a hurricane was coming; there was a panic at the bread and milk aisles. Luckily I needed neither, so I proceeded to the white buckets and selected a colorful bouquet.
After packing my supplies for the day, I returned to the door. I took the rubber band off the stems and separated the blossoms. As people exited the store I handed out a flower. Some people just walked past quickly and others pause and stared then move on. I didn’t say anything or have any buttons or signs or literature, just a smile. These were not roses with thorns but just summer flowers.
One woman took and flower and said ‘Thank you’. “Have a nice day” I replied and turned back to offer free gifts to the procession leaving the temple. As one basket with the child, I offered the flower to and asked him “Would you like a flower?” He reached for it and seemed to enjoy the color. The woman pushing the cart ripped it out of his hand and threw it on the ground giving me ‘that look’ and quickened her pace muttering. One woman took a flower than walked about three steps and threw it on the parking lot.
Now I can understand a guy who looks like a homeless hobo offering flowers may be terrifying to some, but it is hard to be kind even with the best intentions. I’m not sure it would have been any different if I had been clean-shaven wearing a suit, but today I tried to be nice.
I placed the rest of the flowers next to the door in hopes that someone would pick them up and enjoy them. I saddled my pony and proceeded back to the woods knowing they will appreciate a little kindness and a load of grub.
Oh well, it was just another day in just another life.

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TripleG said...

As if it needed another proof, but once again the animals on four feet prove much better company than those on two.