Thursday, September 8, 2016

You’ve Been Served

Are you a lawyer? Do you know a lawyer? There are probably a couple living on your block.
They are everywhere and for good reason.
Whatever you say or do is under scrutiny of the law and you might not even know it.
Every day in every corner of this wide America country, laws are being passed that restricts or allows human behavior. What is legal in one county might be against the law in another.
Maybe you didn’t part you hair on the right side? Maybe using the wrong fork in one place is acceptable but not in another? Maybe the speed limit doesn’t seem possible but you get a ticket anyway? Maybe someone offends you so you sue him or her?
To sue seems the solution to every problem. Trip over a stick in the yard? Sue ‘em! Lose your spot on the plane? Sue ‘em! Get overcharged in a restaurant? Sue ‘em! Do not get a raise? Sue ‘em!
There are certainly enough variations of the law to give a lawyer enough to take your case to trial.
Whether it is a civil or federal case or an inquisition, the procedure is the same. Evidence must be accumulated. Witnesses must be questioned. A court time must be assigned and judges and juries rounded up.
Once the assigned time, show up in your best Sunday go-to-meeting garb and be polite. Possible outcomes may be fines or jail time or both.
Not knowing all the legislative requirements on our daily living, I hope I can make the wrong turn and without injuring property or persons can say “Sorry” and all is well again. Not so much if I pull out a weapon and wipe someone away.
Seems there are lots of levels of crimes or offenses and punishments. Not as many are put to the stake or drawn and quartered as a deterrent any more.
The parking ticket is paid or you go to jail. The late bill is paid or you go to jail. The homeless guy caught with a joint goes to jail. Do not pass go.
The judicial system grinds slowly through all these petitions to right wrongs with mistrials, hung juries, appeals, retrials and counter suites.
So everything we do from buying a car to a house or marriage or even employment requires a lawyer’s approval. Even dying requires a lawyer’s approval.
Go about your daily routine but look over your shoulder. There is an ambulance chaser just looking for an excuse to become the next Perry Mason at your expense.
You’ve been served.

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