Monday, September 12, 2016


The generation with a motto of “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll” has changed, at least in my opinion. Have we just grown up and become mainstream and given up on our superior rightness to change the world?
Have we passed on our rebellious attitude to only bring out our starched tie-dye for a Grateful Dead cover band? Did we go too far or not far enough?
The drugs we take now for all our ailments maybe clouding our since of reality? Maybe we are too focused on our political rants and daily memorials to forget to breath?
The world is a strange place but it is where we have to live. Our generation has done some marvelous things like civil rights, women’s right, gay rights and even put a man on the moon (I still don’t get that one?) but we’ve also bombed the heck out of strangers all over the world and when that isn’t enough excitement, shot each other. We have marched and carried placards and given noble speeches but few have run for public office. We gorge ourselves on the most disgusting people and watch our evenings in reality shows.
So I observe and write.
Is it offensive? Perhaps to some. Is it provocative? Depends on the reader’s interpretation. Is it rude? To some. Is it sarcastic? Isn’t everything? Is it clever? Some think so. Is it cynical? Depending on the subject matter. Is it thought provoking? Hopefully. Is it politically correct? Certainly not. Is it revolutionary? No. Is it inappropriate? At times.
Like any creative type, we hear a noise or see a sight or even a taste or smell can trigger a thought. And the creative mind never turns off, so the thought is expanded and shaped and reformed into an expression. That expression can be through words or sounds or pictures or movement. Some may be joyous images of rainbows and unicorns while others are bloody explosions and fiery crashes.
It is your choice to like it or not.
And we all have a lot to say. Social media has certainly proved that. We can post our pictures of cute kittens and happy drunken selfies and turn away from the awkwardness or disgust, but it is still there.
With all the freedoms the Boomers have had, the freedom of speech is one of the most endearing. We were lucky enough to live in a country where women can drive and are not flogged for thinking impure thoughts and can wear tight clothing and spiked heels for the ogling male. That is just the world we’ve made for ourselves.
Now the critics would say our generation is well meaning and caring. We may plant a tree or sign a petition but mostly throw money at every organization, foundation, association and society that promises to find the cure or save the planet or put an end to war.
So don’t go into the shadows and turn away from anything that upsets our moral values, for this life business is hard and full of bumps and bruises. Some don’t make it long by chance or choice.
And don’t take your innocent children to the museum. There are a bunch of naked ladies in there. 

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