Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hold It Right Thar Cowboy!

I drink this stuff like water. I put it on everything. Eggs, beef, chicken, salads, fish, pizza, chilies, soups and veggies but I haven’t tried ice cream yet?

No food gets by without being splashed upon with Texas Pete Hot Sauce.

I’ve tried every other variation of spicy sauces but have settled on this one. Not too much garlic or vinegar or overpowering heat but enough to make your head sweat.

I’ve been using this staple of the kitchen ingredients for years and have noticed the changes in the manufacturing. It has become more watered down and there are vast species of different bottles with their own appeal, but I’ve stuck with the ‘original’ version.
TW Garner Food Company from North Carolina came out with this concoction in 1929. There was a recommendation of “Mexican Joe” to be the name of the product but Mr. Garner wanted an “American” name for this spice, so “Texas Pete®” was settled on.

So I go to the grocery today to restock when I notice the top of the bottle is different. A yellow plastic wrapper instead of the clear I’ve been used to for years. Also the top looked bigger.

What have they done now?

I double checked that this isn’t some new variation but it was the “Original” and there were no older bottles in sight, so I brought it home.

Being an investigator, I checked the website and this is what they said:
“We’ve made it easier to enjoy the bold, balanced flavor of Texas Pete® by adding a convenient flip-top lid,” explains Ann Garner Riddle, the Chief Executive Officer. “Adding a few drops of Texas Pete® to your favorite foods will be the same great experience with our new flip-top cap. You can also remove the top to pour Texas Pete® into a measuring cup or spoon for using our mouthwatering sauce as an ingredient in your recipe. We want everyone to know that while we have improved our bottles, the same great products you’ve come to know and love are inside.”

The new style bottles are now appearing on store shelves nationwide.

So it seems that there will be a pour cap that will provide a faster flow and quicker empting of the bottle than before. I still have some drops left in my old bottle but this weekend is football and pizza and I’ll test out this new packaging wonder along with the hot crushed peppers and the coarse black pepper I always use to adorn my lunch. Maybe I won’t have to shake the bottle so much or maybe it will flood my meal.

I’ll let you know Mr. Garner. Just keep them coming.

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