Monday, March 26, 2018

Get Over It

Everyone is all concerned that the Facebook application has sold his or her soul. Wake up boys and girls for you have been playing this game too long.
Facebook was launched in 2004. I signed up in 2008 and have enjoyed what it had to offer. Being fully aware that whatever was posted on the web was the same as writing on a whiteboard for anyone (and everyone) to read, I kept my personal information rather vague. Like joining any club you want to hang to the back until you see how it all plays out. Of course I agreed to the terms and conditions that I never read to login to a new social media link. There were other alternative applications for social interaction but I was persuaded to use Facebook and it has accomplished my expectations of finding long lost friendships.
Since my first login, I established new friendships, contacted and rejected others and use the site as a place for a public forum for news and ideas. After the last election many of my ‘friends’ were eliminated due to their comments. Unfortunately this web site has presented some unpleasant values by people you barely knew.
Someone asked me why I changed my name? It was easy. Why open your door to strangers? Why post all this ‘stuff’ about you to whoever or whatever could gather that information?
I’ve tried to use the same restrictions on my other websites. Sorry, I won’t post my secrets online. I also don’t use my phone to telecommunicate except by vocal. Why? The phone, though not the coolest latest modern version, can be dialed and texted and accessed by all those cool Internet apps, but only use it to dial out and sometimes vocally answer rings.
Did anyone ever realize a GPS not only ask some far off satellite where you are but also tells where you are? Did anyone think that putting post of photos, links, videos, comments might offer the who, what, where, when and why of your personal likes and preferences? Did anyone wonder why if you linked to another site and looked for a jacket that an ad for the same jacket would pop-up on your Facebook page? I wonder how they knew that?
Do you think your personal information is important enough for espionage? Will someone in Russia send you an offer you can’t refuse? Will your vote be altered by some nonsense or memes on the side of your timeline? If a ‘friend’ post some weird slant on the recent disaster, would you believe it or not?
Social media can teach us but we are individuals and must make our own decisions. Try to figure all the places you put your bank account information?
Good luck.

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