Thursday, August 26, 2010

For Your Comfort

Being comfortable is what we work for. Having food, shelter, safety, and clothing are our basic needs, but then we strive for comfort. Making our surroundings comfortable with relaxing places and familiar faces for entertaining ourselves in an aria of books and music and visual stimulation. Our sleeping areas are soft and warm. We stock our shelves with more food and clothing than we ever need but revel in the variety of choices. Feeling safe with security systems, insurance, and government patrols to protect our valuables brings us comfort. Working hard to earn enough money to provide ourselves with the comfort presented to us by retail business is a life’s goal and the American way. Of course being comfortable can make us soft and complacent.

But being uncomfortable is what drives us. If we are uncomfortable, like being in the rain without shelter, we take action. Our mind thinks of ways to become less uncomfortable. We create ideas and act upon them.

Parts of being comfortable means you know when you put your glasses down at night; they will be there in the morning. The familiar stays the same eliminating the need to add to the day’s complications.

For nearly three decades, that was not the case. Everyday was an adventure. Go to work in the morning and never know what was going to greet me at night. Some times the house was redecorated, or complete rooms moved around, or half the yard gone, or the entire house painted, or the kitchen thrown out, or all my clothes gone….. you get the idea. Life was in constant flux which kept it exciting and energized.

So as I move restore comfort to my new life, the glasses are in the same spot every morning, but sometimes living in comfort can be uncomfortable.

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