Saturday, August 28, 2010


A gang is defined as “a group of persons who work together or socialize regularly”. Sounds like a club or some community organization, but it is also defined as “a group of criminals or adolescent hoodlums”.

Oh! (Side note: I always wanted to put "adolescent hoodlum" down on a resume.)

But really defines the difference of say the “Hell’s Angels” and the “Kiwanis Club”?
Well the definition of groups of people joining together in a common belief or cause seems the same for both.

Both groups are proud of their gathering and wear badges celebrating their membership. They hold meetings and have group activities.

Then there is the degree of crime creeping into the “gang”.

When we are pre-teens, the group dynamic becomes important to us. Clubs, bands, teams are all gathering vehicles to meet and bond with new people. All of these “gangs” have their own requirements to join and in some cases, ceremonies to endure to become a member.

Religion and political beliefs can also form “gangs”. Strong feelings supported by like -minded individuals can move the “gang” to unreasonable and sometimes criminal behavior.

How about that Crusade “gang” who went to the Middle East to take back Jerusalem?

Sound familiar?

So as we define ourselves by what “gangs” we are associated with, we should practice some tolerance. Their “gang” may have different beliefs or a different take on life, but in a FREE democratically ruled country, everyone should be able to follow their own path.

And if you don’t like that idea…. Let’s rumble!

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