Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure: A feeling of enjoyment or satisfaction
Pleasure is that wonderful feeling inside from a look, a touch, a word. The surroundings or community or self can cause pleasure. Pleasure is what makes us paint birds in the sky, write love sonnets, play like children, and find euphoria.

Pain: Physical or mental suffering or distress; an unpleasant sensation arising from injury or disease; a nuisance.
Pain brings us back to reality. There is emotional, physical, psychological pain of various degrees. Some overwhelming and some are dull constant pain. Pain brings us the blues, dark love poetry, and despair.
There are pills and potions that provide a temporary sense of pleasure, but there is a whole industry to ease the pain.

Old Doc Page, my family doctor, would just listen for a minute, reach in a drawer, and hand out a sample pill. “Take this and let me know if the pain does not go away.” And if it didn’t, Doc would give a shot. If that didn’t work, he’d cut it out.

The pleasure is fleeting, but sometimes the pain never goes away.

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