Saturday, August 28, 2010


What makes us get up in the morning light and move on to new adventures?

Inspiration? Lure of challenges? Determination to accomplish repetitive chores? Anticipation of wonders?

Or is the incentive for money or fame? Then what?

Through much of life, we have outside influences that drive us.

But after all that is gone and the day holds the wonderment of having all the time necessary and all the means at hand to live your dreams, where to start.

For years, we excuse our fantasies with thousand of reasons we cannot reach for them.

Our fantasies deep down motivate us. These are what we wake up for. Not the cup of coffee, the glance at the television set or newspaper, the drive to the grocery store, the kids soccer game or the dinner party. We strive for the time to write the great novel, paint a watercolor in Paris, sail the clear waters of Key West or manuscript a symphony. Our hearts beat faster with thoughts of a warm smile or a far away whisper.

Dreams, perhaps never realized, are the drive in our engine.

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