Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quiet Observations

It has been quiet here for a couple of days. No hammering or machinery or people stomping all over plants and rattling ladders. Even the rain and cooler temperatures indicate the seasons are about to change.

My thoughts shift to the next projects. The list is getting shorter before the cold months, but it will require more construction and banging around the humble abode I call home.

After a dinner that almost killed me, I'm back on my feet, energized by the weather and moving on to outside projects that have been put off due to the heat. There is still a lot of trimming to do and gallons of paint to spread, but one thing at a time.

The daily rides have become routine, but it still helps to get outside in the outside, breathe deeply, press the body to move, and enjoy the surroundings.

Around the neighborhood, the painted streets bring road blockage and big trucks. The rain has made Leo very busy, yet some of the vacant "For Rent" property goes untouched. The usual people walk their pups and wheel around their offspring in a normal everyday ritual. More heating trucks appear next to the construction sites as the neighborhood prepares for fall.

The communications sense the mental preparation of a new school year, end of vacations, and fall cleaning. Wedding and baby pictures have been posted and viewed by all. Blogs have become a vacant pit of every opinion with little to say and even less to learn. Even the news shows, which are becoming more entertainment that hard fact finding, repeat stories too often.

The economy stays in the dump, but so far I'm lucky. Don't know how long I can make it last, but trying to keep an eye on the massive monthly expenses.

I guess it's just the hum drum of the end of summer.


Art said...

Please explain how the dinner almost killed you. I mean, we'd like to know??!!

Anonymous said...

Red meat? Beer and vinegar? Time for a daily Prevacid, mi amigo!

Cheryl said...

Inquiring minds are asking...How close to death did you get? At least you lived to tell about it.