Sunday, August 29, 2010


The oldest form of cooking is the open flame. Today we have taken it to an exquisite form of entertainment and prestige.

The ritual is to burn wood or charcoal until white hot, then place slabs of meat or poultry or fish on a grill and smoke until done. The act of turning the dinner over smoking flames has become a passage of manhood. Utensils, aprons and even hats have exclaimed the master of grilling dead animals over fire.

We don’t think of the slaughter of the meal going passively into the bins to be hung and carved. We would passionately object of this torture to another human, but to a helpless animal…well.

So the next time you grill masters are out burning flesh, remember the face that is not attached anymore. It’s been ground up and placed in your bacon.

Enjoy your meal.

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Art said...

Are you now a vegetarian? Which puts you in good company, but I was not aware...