Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Talk to the Animals

Going out this morning to take in the damp air and place flakes on the water, I said out loud, "Good Morning Guys" to the orange fin pack coming for breakfast. I started thinking of the few conversations I have with other humans, so I speak to the yard critters as they scamper around Puppywoods in their daily rituals.

"Hello Motor Scooters" I say to the black striped critters as they jet back and forth across the walkways, darting into holes only to return at the speed of light to pack their tiny cheeks with their daily meal.

"hello petie" I whisper to the gray yard monkeys as they criss-cross the yard and agilely crawl down the pine bark to the buffet laid out to them.

I enjoy their communication to each other, defining roles of who eats first or who is he most assertive. Much like the way people react, the Alpha role leads the way. While mostly speechless except when their is a threat, body language and expressions say volumes.

I go for days not speaking to any person, but every day I speak to the animals. "Hello Mr. Cardinal" as the mates arrive for a feeding, or "Blue Jay?"hearing the rustle under bushes.

And standing quietly on the path, I do not get a reply, only a stare back which makes me smile.

This is not an action I grew up with, but learned by listening.

I also talk to the television and I know they can't hear me.

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