Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bicycle Head Bobble

Yard Sale Saturday, with crowded streets full of drivers’ double-parking looking for some treasures in other people’s junk. But isn’t a gallery like a yard sale, but with bigger price tags? It is all what you define as a treasure.

Yet I digress. My thought for today is the bicycle bobble head nod.

When bicycle riders pass one another, they acknowledge each other with a head bobble. A simple look in the eye and a nod of the head is all that is needed.

Not a high five or a chest bump (that could be dangerous), but a simple act of bobbing your head. No shot outs or waving arms. Just the silent passing of one another in outdoor space showing each other respect for enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Other people get the head bobble, like mothers with their children and dogs, or the friendly jogger. Occasionally there is the “Morning” or “Good afternoon” spoken in a soft voice.

Don’t need to find out what movie you saw last night or what your kids are doing or what illness or pain has enveloped your family. There is no time for that. Simply two people passing each other on the street and physically saying “Hello”, much like the cowboy tipping his hat saying “Howdie Mame, glad to make your acquaintance.”

All I ever ask
in return
is a

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