Saturday, June 18, 2011



This word has been used a lot recently for people supporting another government or attacking revolutionary protestors.

The dictionary describes a “thug” as a rough or violent ruffian, hoodlum or gangster.

Perhaps this group carries out acts of violence against peaceful protestors and that is what makes them thugs? Perhaps they have weapons and use them against unarmed demonstrators?

But what, isn’t that what the police are? No, I see the difference; the police are paid for by the state.

A thug in my mind is a dumb big guy who works for the “boss” and with his limited intelligence but brute strength, does whatever he is told to do.

Are thugs “bullies”?

It is interesting how we put labels on people who we do not like or trust or have faith in to keep the peace. Those who disturb our serenity or perhaps violate out personal space are thugs.

Perhaps that is what feeds the national commitment of arming men, women and children will high-powered volatile devices that can maim or kill in the sake of freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

An entire industry is constructed around protecting ourselves from thugs. Silent alarms, motion detectors, watch dogs, flood lights, security guards are all available at a cost to protect our stuff from “thugs”.

But what would happen if you opened your front door and there was standing a “thug”.

What would you do?

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