Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who went to the prom in Joplin?


We live our lives in a mundane routine.
Our routines are sometimes sparked by life changing events. The first date. The first kiss. The prom.
We prepare for these events in our heads but when they actually come true, it shakes our being. Just one of these seemingly uneventful actions can change the direction of our lives.

Sure, millions before us have done the same actions, but a wedding or a prom is an occasion that is looked forward to, planned in great detail, and remembered for years. We cherish the trappings and pass on to our families with laughter and pride of attending a high school dance.

But for some, it will never come true.

Listening to the news everyday, with sun flares, floods, e coli, fires, wrecks, wars, earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns and tornados, it is a wonder we even dream.

Perhaps this is the rapture? For many people around the world it probably seems that way.

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