Saturday, June 4, 2011




What the heck is that all about?

A famous person? A superstar? An idol? A personality? An icon?

The covers of tabloids are plastered with faces and names of these celebrities. Some are doing outrageous things and others are just mundane, but the curiosity of following their adventures must be overwhelming because they are everywhere.

Since I don’t follow much entertainment series or listen to the latest tunes, many of these names are unknown to me.

What makes them so famous? There was a time when adulation was shown in a respectful manner to past political leaders, elder statesmen, or successful generals. They were taught and school and their pictures hung on walls. There was no invasion into their bedrooms or digging to scrap up their dirty little secrets.

It seems an entire industry was created to maintain a figure before the public eye, like movie stars. These people didn’t have to have created a scientific wonder drug or perform heroic acts or challenge the intelligences of the world with philosophical ideas. They just had to be pretty.

They were photographed as models and portrayed to the world as someone to idolize. They appeared to the general public to have lavish homes, elegant wardrobes, and exciting parties. The common person envied their lifestyles, or at least the facade that was presented.

Just the mention of their names drew people into movie houses, ballparks, and theaters. Red carpets were laid on the street so these celebrities could be paraded in front of thongs of drooling wannabes. A signature became a prized possession.

Perhaps they inspired others to follow, but the industry that produced them commercialized the process and disposed of last years model.

So today’s model seems to have to be thin, good-looking, voluptuous, blond, and rather sleazy. The icons of the past are replaced by pleasant looking bubbleheads who can be interchanged by the whelm of the audience at the expense of the participants.

In today’s world, anyone can be a celebrity. Look at the Internet. People write Blogs about all sorts of crazy stuff and are read all over the world. People build their own personality through You Tube clips presenting thoughts and ideas without any background knowledge of their expertise.

People can form their own celebrity by dressing a certain way, attending certain events, living in certain areas, driving certain cars and making a scene that others will record on their phones and post online. Even if others don’t capture the moment, anyone can post a Facebook page creating a following.

The reason I was even thinking about this subject, since I don’t follow its trends, is I’m trying to create “a celeb”.

No it is not for me, I could care less, but there is this local guy, who has written a book and is trying to get it published. He is not as well known as other local writers, so he has been trying for years and I had the idea if HE was a celebrity, people would flock to read his work.

I’ve seen pictures of him with Charlie Sheen, dancing with Pippa Middleton, and in the situation room during the Bin Laden take down. His infamous Tiki Lounge has been written about and his composition recorded by the great Blind Kiwi Hoover. He drives like a racer, wearing out cars and drinks like the captain of the Dusty Rose.

If I can talk him into it, I can make him as big of a star as… ? I forget the names and all the faces look the same.

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TripleG said...

Wasn't he the guest host of "Name That Vegetable" on the WB Network about 10 years ago? On the Google entry it says he was #3 in the lineup at the Comedy Cavern in Waukeegan in 2007, also.