Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dirty Laundry

The word for today is "Dirty Laundry". Why?

We all seem to have some of that, but these people put it out on the street.

Even if you don't think you have any, someone else will create some for you. There are always skeletons in the closet, but no one really knows how to hang out your dirty laundry.

As I travel my usual trail, I see pink plastic bags on the curb awaiting the nice lady to come by and pick it up.

Wouldn't it be nice if all our dirty laundry could be done like that?

Nice, hot morning with too much noise from lawnmowers and tree trimmers. The crows seemed to have moved to another location, but the blue jay still follows me.

A young lad rides by on a unicycle walking his German Shepard who stops to chase a chipmunk then rest on a cold slab of cement after a long run while her rider sips lemonade under a straw hat and cool shade.

Frustrated men in trucks curse as their journey doesn't meet their exceptions and multiple mothers walk their brood with a shy smile of life changing results.

Meet a man with no arms and no legs who notices me from my daily rides pass his house. I've seen him, but I am amazed of a person in this condition surviving. His name is "John".

The yard grows in the heat and I just watch, throwing some treats to the creatures who occupy the territory. I try to respect their home and only offer occasional interruptions to their day.

Jodie left this morning. There was no conversation or explanation or even eye contact. The last good-bye.

End the evening with sculptures on the wall and yet another project. Maybe tomorrow?


Art said...

Seriously dude, the penultimate paragraph requires some elaboration, don't you think?


Rus Wornom said...

Jodie? Is that what you're calling the blow-up doll now?